Sina Nova Font Family - 12 Font $588
Sina Nova Font Family - 12 Font $588
Sina Nova Font Family  - 12 Font $588
OTF | 1.66 MB
Sale PaGe
Sina Nova is the slimmer sister of Sina. It has a slightly vertical tendency, a higher x-height which makes it more open in small text sizes. Its economical proportions allow an even more universal application.Sina comes in 12 styles and in OpenType format.   All styles contain standard and discretional ligatures, small caps, proportional lining figures,  tabular lining figures, proportional old style figures, lining old style figures,  matching currency symbols, fraction- and scientific numerals. Sina supports Western European, Central and Eastern European languages.

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Kengwin Font - 1 Font $30
Kengwin Font - 1 Font $30
Kengwin Font - 1 Font $30
OTF | 121 KB
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One of the portliest rounded slab serif fonts ever devised by man or beast.

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Gemmadonati Font Family - 2 Fonts for $44


Gemmadonati Font Family

OTF | 2 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 8.6 Mb RAR

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Gluten Font Family - 7 Fonts for $132


Gluten Font Family

Gluten is an experimental font family designed by Carlos Fabian Camargo. It includes irregular shadows to communicate craftsmanship. Its multiple upper cases with condensed width and naive lines are notable for their expressive drawing with a high amount of contrast between thick and thin strokes.

OTF | 7 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 5 Mb RAR

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Ethnocentric Font Family - 12 Fonts for $240


Ethnocentric Font Family

Ethnocentric, a robot-friendly futurefont originally created in 1999 has been rebuilt and expanded: more languages, more symbols, no more ugly Q, greatly improved M and W, fractions, ordinals, new kerning, new accents, better proportions, six weights + italics, even more futuristic.

OTF | 12 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4 Mb RAR

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Gioviale Font Family - 2 Fonts for $70


Gioviale Font Family

Graphic designers with a lust for lettering are constantly seeking scripts balanced neatly on the sweet spot suited for exuberant editorial work and messages of cheer. Neither frivolous nor strict. My typeface, Gioviale, satisfies that need. Your work may call for a script that is handsome without being overly formal, that is merry, playful, and, like a good Italian pastry dough, hasn't been overly handled until it is left stiff and flat. Use Gioviale to create something tasty, al dente, a touch ornate yet fluent and full of life. Its versatility is exemplified in its greater readability at small sizes compared to other scripts, as well as the included alternates and swashes. Scripts with a hand-lettered look often take on one of two personalities. Some are formal, with heavy flourishes that threaten to sacrifice readability. They are regal, make a statement, yet are so meticulously constructed that they seem chiseled in stone and inflexible. But, oh how exquisitely beautiful they can be. What’s the usual alternative? Italic text faces. Though modern and readable, with the little twist that italics carry, they can have a manufactured appearance, a mass-market profile that robs your work of the personable quirkiness of the handmade and unique. But, still, they cast a respectable, clean, and professional profile. What inhabits the space between these, an uncompromising tool that, in your hands, conveys conviviality, grace, and spunk? Gioviale glides in to fill that formerly scanty typographical niche, a hybrid of an italic text face and a script, flowing with flair and elegance, and, somehow, carrying just a hint of tailored and clean, structured underpinnings. It reveals that elegance needn't be serious, just the result of serious craftsmanship. Indeed, Gioviale was inspired by a simple and spontaneous burst of joy in my own craft. Conceptually, my process was reflected precisely in the outcome, perhaps because it mirrors my own personality in so many ways. Despite the due diligence required, this typeface came more easily and naturally to me than virtually any other I've created. The heart of it burst onto the page breathtakingly fast compared to my other typefaces. I wanted the look of a roman italic without pausing to build a roman counterpart (perhaps I'll design one in the future). I looked to the Italian Didones, popularized by Didot and known for their very high contrast thin thins and thick thicks. True to its nature, Gioviale is a less serious interpretation of the Didones, and its uppercase letters are a departure from classic precursors. Gioviale includes a User’s Guide, 1008 glyphs, an entire alternate set of swash caps, 20 ornaments, 20 discretionary ligatures, and an unusually high number of swashes (300), which include a standard uppercase set for more traditional text settings, and a swash uppercase set which are even more flourished. Why not? To joy!

OTF | 2 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 5.1 Mb RAR

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Eterea Font Family - 12 Fonts for $200


Eterea Font Family

Eterea is a formal font inspired in the monumental inscriptions of classic Rome, but not strictly sticking to the ancient roman typographic characteristics. Its unique look is the result of mixing diverse typographic styles, but mostly having traces from the 16th century transitional style. It bears a big difference of proportion between upper and lower case, additionally to the upper case having much more ornamental traces. Eterea has four different flavors of capitals which change very slightly in the cursive versions. In the italic versions, the lower case (actually small capitals) changes substantially its characters to make its reading more flowing and is not simply an inclined version of the letters. Eterea is a very expressive font, ideal for tittles and short texts of sober and elegant appearance.

OTF | 12 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.5 Mb RAR

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Fiesole Font Family - 17 Fonts for $259


Fiesole Font Family

Fiesole was inspired by calligraphic models; it is a bookface font family to be used for text, display and caption. Fiesole has three different lengths of items (ascenders-descenders). Old style figures have been included in the fonts. Spacing of Small Caps has been adjusted to obtain good legibility and integrity with Capitals and lower cases. They include also CE languages, swashes, small caps, ligatures, discretionary ligatures, alternates, old style figures and case sensitive forms.

OTF | 17 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 5 Mb RAR

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Eroli Font Family - 3 Fonts for $60


Eroli Font Family

OTF | 3 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 10.6 Mb RAR

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Dobra Font Family - 10 Fonts for $185


Dobra Font Family

Dobra is a redesign of the previous released Dione. Dobra is a very geometric and robust sans typeface, specially suited for magazines and newspapers, but it works great as a corporate typeface.

TTF | 10 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.7 Mb RAR

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Daphne Font Family - 12 Fonts for $100


Daphne Font Family

In the beginning, this font had been designed for an affiche work as wood pattern which includes one font and medium weight. The stylish design of this font had been inclined us to create more weights and more styles. Daphne Font Family comes in three weights; normal and italic. Plus two additional styles which are wood pattern and shadow. You can get great wood pattern results with Daphne Font Family; also with colored shadows, you can get gorgeous results in poster works and t-shirt prints. Even in very small type sizes, it can be legible.

OTF | 12 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.2 Mb RAR

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Eagle Font Family - 4 Fonts for $140


Eagle Font Family

The Eagle series realizes the ideas behind Morris Fuller Benton’s famous titling, Eagle Bold, the symbol of American recovery, drawn in 1933 for the National Recovery Association. Font Bureau Eagle was started in 1989 for Publish. David Berlow designed a lowercase, finished the character set, and in 1990 added Eagle Book for setting text. In 1994, Jonathan Corum added Eagle Light and Eagle Black to form a full series.

TTF | 4 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 5.1 Mb RAR

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Kefa II Pro Font Family - 16 Font $480
Kefa II Pro Font Family 16xOTF $480

OTF | 1.74 MB

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Kefa II Pro is an elegant modern typeface with slab-serif origin, large x-height and relatively condensed letterforms that is suitable for both display and text sizes, and performs well on-screen.

Kefa II Pro is a redesign of the Apple system font Kefa. It has an extended Latin languages support and comes in 8 roman styles with their italic companions, small capitals and multiple figures sets.

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Briko Font Family - 12 Fonts for $90


Briko Font Family

Briko is a legible hand-crafted type family that comes in two weights. Its little bit bumpy outline and soft edges give it friendly feelings. There are two versions of Briko Family; Briko and Briko Rough(textured). Perfect for a header for an article, posters or for anything needing a legible and neat hand-written type family.

OTF | 12 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.5 Mb RAR

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Chau Trovuille Font Family - 2 Fonts for $20


Chau Trovuille Font Family

OTF | 2 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 7.1 Mb RAR

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Quiroga Serif Font Family - 6 Fonts for $99


Quiroga Serif Font Family

Quiroga Serif began in 2007 with the name Quadratta Serif. This typography was designed for continuous text, legible at medium and small sizes, with great saving of space, optimized for 6, 8, 10 and 12 points. The morphology is a mix between tradition and innovation; it has a vertical axis, thick serifs, tall x-height, light modulation and a lot of internal space between letters: key to improve legibility at small sizes.

OTF | 6 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 6.7 Mb RAR

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St Patrick Font Family - 5 Fonts for $100


St Patrick Font Family

St Patrick is a typeface inspired by medieval inscriptions but adapted to modern typography. In addition to the regular style there are 4 variants that can be combined in layers. Includes smallcaps and alternatives. This typeface is the oblique variant of the font San Benito (also from TipoType).

OTF | 5 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 7.6 Mb RAR

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Wurz Font Family - 32 Fonts for $50


Wurz Font Family

Wurz is a family with 32 variants. Designed for labels, titles and posters. And to play with typography in large sizes! Is a grotesque geometric. Designed on a modular basis.

OTF | 32 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.4 Mb RAR

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Abitare Sans Font Family - 30 Fonts for $671


Abitare Sans Font Family

Abitare Sans was originally commissioned by the group Rizzoli Corriere della Sera. It’s a typeface of 30 weights designed to be used in Abitare magazine. The request of the president Mario Piazza was a new CP Company with some redesigned glyphs, but the result is a radical evolution of its concept being intended to be used as a font for text far more readable. In Abitare Sans was kept the geometric structure without neglecting the numerous editorials requirements.

TTF | 30 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 12.4 Mb RAR

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Amorie Font Family - 22 Fonts for $236


Amorie Font Family

Amorie is a tall and skinny hand drawn font. It comes in various weight and styles, and with an array of opentype options. Built to appear completely hand crafted, different designers could produce completely different results, selecting either Modella (classic and chic), Nova (fun and fancy) or SC (Small Caps and all business.) Each style comes in light, medium and bold and has an accompanying italics version. Opentype for this font includes Contextual Alternatives, which produces three versions of each character, making sure no two identical letters appear next to each other thus giving your design a fully authentic look. There are also stylistic alternatives, which offer different style to a select few characters, including capital letters: A, K, R, Q, Y and lowercase letters: a, e, k, t, y. Lastly, is a large set of swashes, 3 for each letter they accompany. For the most part this includes the whole uppercase alphabet as well as lower case letters with an ascender or descender. Amorie includes a large set of graphic extras, including stylish frames, arrows, line breaks, corners, flourishes and more. The complete package gives you one unbeatable font family. If you do not use Opentype but are using a program that includes a full glyph panel, you will be able to access each of the style variations you want.

OTF | 22 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 24.6 Mb RAR

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Core Deco Font Family - 14 Fonts for $140


Core Deco Font Family

Core Deco is an Art Deco Fonts Family which consists of various styles, inspired by some art deco posters from late 1930’s to 1950’s. There are two major styles of this type family. One is thin and elegant, and the other has strong contrast. Each style has alternative shape-like 3-D structures, patterns, outlines and so on. Except for Core Deco, others are named Core Deco A,B,C as their styles. Basically every single font of Core Deco family has geometric shape and two width variations of characters, narrow and wide. Despite the different styles, every font goes well together because of their common parts. Though it’s not intended, some similar styles could be layered together. Core Deco family contains complete Latin 1252, Central European 1250 and Turkish 1254 character sets, and also each font includes support for style alternative features. If you are looking for an art-deco style font which is modern and could be used for various artworks, get this family and save your time.

OTF | 14 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.8 Mb RAR

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Arya Font Family - 9 Fonts for $89


Arya Font Family

Arya is a display typeface, based on Roman proportions. It has three versions, differentiated by the amount of the drawn lines. Single is solid. Double is sturdy but light. Triple is versatile and includes alternatives. They can be combined in layers. Capsule versions (White and Black) are designed to do quick, simple and elegant labels.

OTF | 9 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 14.4 Mb RAR

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Stereo Gothic Font Family - 36 Fonts for $270


Stereo Gothic Font Family

The concept of this font is very simple. Wide and Legible, No decorative, just simple. The variety of weights make your design more flexible.

OTF | 36 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 7.2 Mb RAR

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Muzarela Font Family - 50 Fonts for $219


Muzarela Font Family

OTF | 50 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.3 Mb RAR

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