Create Print-Ready Vintage Typography with The Print Shop Collection

Create Print-Ready Vintage Typography with The Print Shop Collection
Create Print-Ready Vintage Typography with The Print Shop Collection

InkyDeals - Create Print-Ready Vintage Typography with The Print Shop Collection

Photoshop PSD | ABR | TTF | EPS | Ai | JPG |  RAR 204 MB

Now you too can create typography print designs fast & easy!


From concept, to vector, add texture and details and straight to print, all in less than five minutes. This is possible due to the easy-to-use Illustrator and Photoshop actions that do all the heavy lifting for you, while you are only doing the thinking and the concept itself. Just write in your own text and run the actions, the rest will be done on its own.


The purpose of this kit is to feel useful immediately after you’ve downloaded it. Everything you need for it, you will find within the download file and the actions work with you in an organic way, guiding you through the process. And once you’ve grasped it in full, you can use the one without the embedded instructions, and your workflow will become even faster.

Why should you buy this product?


Surely you have more important things to do, than spend a few hours looking for fonts, textures, mockups, then you spend twice as much creating the actual design. This set contains all of those resources, and you start to work on it immediately after you download it. If you want to spend an entire day doing the same thing you could do in 5 minutes, then do not purchase this product.

What you get:


    595 Vector Elements from 40 different sets, such as: decorations & vector shapes, engraved floral elements, vintage ribbons, sports, summer & seaside, mountain & hiking, hand gestures, food & beverages, birds, and more!

    14 Beautiful Hand-Drawn Fonts;

    2 Magazine & Stationery Mockup Sets;

    90 Editable Typography Templates;

    1 Photoshop Action (English and German UI compatible);

    1 Illustrator Expand & Cleanup Action;

    1 Grunge Layer Style;

    30 Photoshop Brushes;

    An instructions manual, to get you started in a heartbeat;


    An extended royalty-license, allowing you to use them in unlimited personal and commercial projects, and even in merchandise, without any additional fees;


InkyDeals - The Print Shop Collection

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